Long Reach

Looking to sell your Long Reach digger or excavator ? Do you have a long reach digger or excavator for sale?  

Do you have a Long Reach digger or excavator for sale?  Are you looking to sell your long reach digger and get instant cash?

Many people often confuse long reach excavators for high-rise demolition machinery, but in actual fact these products are very different and are used for different purposes. For instance the excavator machines are not suitable for the high side twisting forces, which can be employed by the demolition machines.

However long reach excavators are stronger and excel at things like dredging, which demolition machinery can’t do. These excavators are also particularly renowned for their large operating radius making them a more sustainable choice for larger scale digging operations. Long reach solutions are particularly useful for excavating and dredging surfaces, which may be under water, with the long arm able to extend into the water whilst the actual plant machine stays above water. It’s an ideal two in one solution, which makes it useful, if you have multiple projects, which cover various terrain and surfaces.

Long reach excavators tend to be heavier than your average digger, as their more powerful usage requires them to be stronger and more stable. Whether small or large, we’ll give you a quote on your machine whether it’s a 5 or 15 tonne excavator.

So if you are looking to sell your long reach digger or excavator or have a long reach digger for sale, fill out our quick form to see how much we could offer you in cash for your machine. Remember we pick up machinery ourselves across the UK so all you have to do is wait for the quote and make your decision.

Simply fill in the Request a Valuation form now and we’ll be straight in touch to value your Long Reach Digger or Excavator!



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